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What size is my car?


Most 2 door coupes, convertibles, and 4 door sedans


Most crossovers, small trucks, and small SUVs


Most vehicles with 3 rows of seating, large trucks, SUVs, and Mini Vans

High Quality

Our Car Detailing specialists provide a range of high-quality mobile auto detailing services



Premium Interior Detail

On the interior we start with a blast of pressurized air that will loosen and remove all debris and dust followed by thoroughly vacuuming the entire vehicle. All cracks, crevices, vents, and under the seats are all cleaned.

Then all vinyl and leather surfaces and trim are cleaned to a “like new” condition. The carpets and upholstery are then spot treated and extracted with our amazing commercial hot water extractor to deep clean and completely remove ground in dirt and grime. All gauges, mirrors, and windows are then cleaned to perfection.

900 DKK - 120 EURO

Platinum Interior Detail

Includes the Premium Interior Detail PLUS: Fabric Guard, Leather Conditioning, Dog Hair Removal, Extra Dirty

1200 DKK - 162 EURO

Monthly Maintenance Plans

 Keep your vehicle looking new month after month with this service! Once you have had our premium, deluxe or platinum complete detail done we can come to your at your home or work every month and maintain that new car look!

This service includes cleaning of tires and wheels, bug removal, hand wash and dry, interior carpets lightly scrubbed, dash, console and doors wiped down, vacuumed, windows cleaned in and out and tires dressed

1100 DKK - 147 EURO

Working time

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